September 28-30, 2018

Queen City Mischief & Magic

Hello from Staunton, VA!

My, how we have missed your Quidditch cheers, spell shoutings, amazing costumes, willingness to suspend belief with us and, more than anything, your enormous and eager smiles! We know 2020 was a tough year for almost everyone. We hope 2021 is shaping up nicer. 


We have made the tough decision to postpone the in person magic of QCMM for another year.  Only recently has Virginia been "opened up" for large gatherings, and the amount of lead time we need to throw a festival worthy of you all is a bit tight for this year.

The Head Girls and other magic makers, including many characters that you have all come to know and love will host several virtual events over our usual weekend. We always start the fourth Friday in September, so QCMM2021 will be held virtually 9.24-9.26.21.

The Head Girls have learned over the last year and a half that MAGIC IS EVERYWHERE.

We know Staunton is especially magical, even more so over that last weekend in September but we encourage you to find something magical everywhere your hearts wander. Magic may not be common, but it is boundless and the better you get at finding it, the happier life you live and, magically, so do those around you.


As for that weekend in September, join us virtually from wherever you are. We will have wizards, house points, trivia, presentations, muggles, visits and revisits with professors and other notable characters. Wash and press those robes, dust off those spell books, have your wands at the ready and mark your calendars for some online magic and mischief.

Queen City Mischief & Magic is a homegrown fan event created for our local community to celebrate and grow our appreciation for the Harry Potter books and film series. Warner Bros. Entertainment and J.K. Rowling are not responsible for or affiliated with this event.