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How do I get tickets to the festival? QCMM is a free festival and no tickets are needed to attend! Some events hosted by local non-profits or businesses may require tickets or registration.  Check the “Events” tab on our Facebook page and/or use Sched to see when a ticket is needed.

Wait, what’s Sched and how do I get it?                                   

In 2023, we're using Sched again!  We have found this app to be the most efficient and helpful way to help you plan your festival weekend.  Check out all the details at:

Festival events and details are listed in Sched.  A limited number of logins will be available for attendees to create their own personalized schedule. Please only create a login if you plan to utilize the personalized schedule part of the program, as logins are limited!  Sched may be used any time, even without a login.  You can sync your QCMM schedule to your phone or calendar.  Sched may be accessed on your computer, mobile device, or through the free app.

Will I be able to drive downtown? While you will still be able to drive in the downtown area, there will be vast street closures, congestion and confusion. The traffic map (found on our website and posted on our social media) shows which streets will still be accessible. Street closures have also been uploaded to Waze, so we encourage you to utilize that app while out and about downtown. 

Where can I park?   Limited parking is available downtown at either of the parking garages located on New and Johnson Streets; both are accessible despite the street closures. If parking in the New St. garage, please be mindful of the spots reserved for hotel guests.

Parking for our free shuttles is also available at the old Staunton Mall (90 Lee Jackson Hwy) on SATURDAY ONLY.  This location will provide free parking and is approximately 2 miles from the festival. Our free shuttles will be available to take you from this location to the center of the festival, downtown. 

DOWNTOWN RESIDENTS: Heed the warning that downtown will be congested.  It is unavoidable but also FUN & MAGICAL.  If you are very worried about how to handle parking, try to catch rides with friends/co-workers and/or come and go early or late when parking will be less of a problem.  We are sorry for the inconvenience but it is short and (mostly) sweet. 























When will the shuttles run? Free shuttles will be running on SATURDAY ONLY and will begin at 9 AM. The last shuttle will depart downtown at 9:30 PM.  Shuttles will run on non-stop loops all day.  Please follow the instructions of our volunteer Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership cadets, who will direct you to park in the Shuttle Lot. DO NOT Park outside of the authorized area, as you may be towed. Also, HUGE thank you to Lance & our local Habitat for Humanity for taking on the role of transportation wizard!  Thanks to him (& them), there will be special guests, activities, snacks and other diversions while you wait.  Thanks to YOU all, he is eager to make the shuttle service even more fun and enjoyable--after volunteering at the shuttle lot last year, he said, "those guests were amazing! I'd love to help make their day start right!"

Is there handicapped parking available? Handicapped parking is available in the City National Bank and Central United Methodist Church lots between Central Ave. and Lewis St. Look for the VWIL Cadets in fatigues to gain access. 

Where can I find festival maps? A big change this year is that in an effort to be more environmentally and fiscally responsible, we will not be printing maps/programs.  We will have QR codes available to scan with every volunteer, in the windows of participating merchants, and on banners/signage throughout the festival.   

Can I bring my pet to the festival? As much as we would love to meet your furry friends, our festival environment will not be comfortable for pets. We ask you to please leave Fluffy at home. 

What time do the trains arrive?  Special guests will be arriving or departing by train, provided by Buckingham Branch, 3 or 4 times during QCMM2023.  All trains will arrive at the Staunton Train Station.  Sched will have those times listed as will our FB page.

We want to meet some characters and take pictures!  What’s the best way to do that? Meet and Greet with our official (and expanded) cast of characters will be at three locations this year! These spaces will be noted on the map of participants and places asap.  We will share a schedule for character times closer to the festival.  Big thanks to our head Professors  for their hard work getting all of our FIFTY+ characters to Staunton, VA for the weekend!  Also to Staunton Academy of Ballet for providing our bevy of dancers!

Where can I get feast tickets? The annual dinner feast with our official QCMM characters will be again be held Saturday night in Trinity Church’s gorgeous  Parish Hall.  Trinity has taken on this event as a fundraiser for a few of their good projects.  

If you can't make it to the dinner feast but would like a similar experience with our characters, Trinity has added two pancake breakfast feasts on Sunday morning!  

What if I need medical help? First Aid for minor scrapes will be available at the information booth. There will be a mobile EMT unit downtown for emergencies. Call 9-1-1 in case of emergency. 

Are there public restrooms available? Yes! Bathrooms/PortaJohns can be found between Beverley Street and the Wharf areas & in the Wharf area.

I lost my wand!  Help! The lost and found is located at the Staunton Visitors Center. 

Where can I change a young wizard’s diaper? Diaper changing stations can be found at Sunspots, Baja Bean, and Byers Street Bistro. 

Where is the hydration station?  Please help us be responsible environmental stewards and bring your own reusable water bottle to QCMM!  A water station, provided by May Supply and hosted by Atlantic Union Bank, will be available to fill your bottle.  It can be found between the Dragons at our historic National Valley Bank and DoGood Alley in the Wharf area.

I don’t know my house!  Can I be sorted at QCMM? Yes! Sorting by a local Boy Scout troop will take place at the Wharf near Byers Street Bistro throughout the festival.

Will the collectible cards be back this year? The collectible cards from past years have been been distributed randomly to participating businesses who felt that they wanted something to give to you for an extra souvenir (or 44), so keep an eye out during your weekend wanderings.  Please don't expect that you can find all 52 this year.  If you do end up with a complete deck - we'll call that magic!

I missed pre-ordering a QCMM t-shirt!  Can I get one at the festival?  We will have official QCMM merchandise available for sale over the weekend near Norberta.  Please be aware that quantities of t-shirts, etc. are limited, so if there is a particular style/size you are looking for, we advise making a stop at the Merch Table early in your visit.

I want one of those cool "Virginia is for Magic Lovers" shirts!  Can I get one at the festival?  Those shirts are only available at our official merchandise table during the festival near Norberta.  First come, first served!

I have concerns related to COVID; what preventative measures are in place at QCMM? We are partnering with Dynamic DXs (a local but world class prevention company) again to help maintain sanitary surfaces in our high traffic spaces.

Facebook: @queencitymagic

Instagram: @queencitymagicsva


Queen City
Mischief & Magic 

Welcome Home Again!

We love our magic family reunion every September and we can't wait to see you back for #QCMM2023 on September 23 and 24. 

As always, there will be more mischief than a person can manage (without a timeturner) in the streets of downtown Staunton both days so stay tuned to our Facebook page for the latest details.  However, the Ministry doesn't want the muggles to ruin the fun so not every thing will be publicized and many things will be announced closer to the event. 

There WILL be owls, snakes & dragons, oh my!

​Queen City Mischief & Magic is a homegrown fan event created for our local community to celebrate and grow our appreciation for the Harry Potter books and film series. Warner Bros. Entertainment and J.K. Rowling are not responsible for or affiliated with this event.


Queen City
Mischief & Magic 

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