How do I get tickets for the festival?   

QCMM is a FREE festival! It covers about 11 blocks of downtown Staunton. There are some ticketed events that are hosted by different local businesses and non-profits, all of whom have worked to keep things very affordable. Check our Facebook Events and the schedule tab here on the website for a list of events. We have tried to link to ticket sales when available AND each event has reserved some day-of admissions so that those of you who travel don't miss out before you even depart your homes. Most events are limited in space, so make sure to check the links and check with corresponding businesses about how to participate.


Can I bring my Fluffy?   

While we adore your animals (almost) as much as you do, the festival will be very congested and is not a great place for our fur-covered loves. Also, please be aware that many of the events are in spaces that can not allow non-service animals. 


How will we get around your downtown with the street closures?    

To keep all of our festival-goers safe, many of our downtown streets will be CLOSED from 6pm (or a little before) on Friday 9/27 until 6pm on Sunday 9/29. Please see the map below to familiarize yourself with the flow of traffic around our historic downtown (read: MANY, narrow, one way streets) while these closures are in effect. We have also managed to get the closures loaded into Waze (BIG thanks to our Tech-Savvy Slytherin Head Girl, Linda!) so feel free to use that app to get around our regal city. Please STAY TUNED to our social media for most recent updates on downtown parking and other important tidbits and tips that will make your weekend more magical:

Twitter: @queencitymagic

Facebook: @queencitymagic

Instagram: @queencitymagicsva


Parking! Parking? Parking!?   

All downtown public parking facilities, except for the Wharf parking lot, will be open to the public for QCMM. 

Parking for people with disabilities will be available at City National Bank, 38 N. Central Ave. (Map # 51), and at Central United Methodist Church, 14, N. Lewis St. (Map # 52). These lots will be monitored and you must have a handicap license plate or hang tag to use them.

ON SATURDAY ONLY: Visitors are encouraged to use satellite parking at Federated Auto Parts located at 795 Statler Boulevard. Shuttles will run to downtown from 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT VISITORS USE THE SHUTTLE LOT ON SATURDAY AS DOWNTOWN PARKING IS LIMITED AND WILL FILL QUICKLY. Don't worry, we have almost 1,000 spaces at the satellite lot! We are excited to partner with Ghost Tours of Staunton to have volunteers on our shuttle to welcome visitors to the festival as soon as they board a shuttle. They will have cards to hand out to those riding the shuttles!


What are the hours for shuttle service?   

We are ONLY SHUTTLING ON SATURDAY this year. Our (Knight) Buses will run from 9:30am-9pm on a constant loop between Federated Auto Parts Lot at 795 Statler Boulevard (Staunton, VA) and the drop off/pick up point downtown at the corner of Market & Beverley Streets (Map # 3). Please be in line to return to your car BY 9PM on Saturday (Map # 2). We encourage all guests to use the shuttles on Saturday as it is the busiest festival day and once you get downtown, it is difficult to get back to the shuttle lot due to street closures and one way streets. Our traffic changes will be uploaded to the Waze app for the weekend so if you are having trouble navigating, please use their guidance.



Where can I find public restrooms?

Port-A-Potties are located behind SunTrust Bank (Map # 57) and at the East Wharf Lot (Map # 76).



Where can I find a map?

-At the QCMM Info Booths (Map #s 38 & 61--On Augusta Street between Beverley and Johnson Streets--look for Norberta; our BIG green dragon!)

-At the Shuttle Station downtown (Map # 3)


Need First Aid? 

First Aid for minor scrapes will be available at the information table closest to Norberta the dragon (Map # 38). An EMT station will be on Johnson Street at the corner of Augusta Street (Map # 71). There will be a mobile unit and emergency personnel for first aid stationed here all weekend.



Lost & Found?

If you have lost something, please check our Visitor's Center (Room of Requirement--Map # 15) on New Street.


Where can I find a diaper changing station during the QCMM?

Sunspots (#86 ), Cranberry’s (# 14), Baja Bean (# 43), Laughing Bird Pho (# 27), and the Byers Street Bistro (# 82).


Where can I find a quiet place to breastfeed?

The Habitat for Humanity Tiny House will be near DoGood Alley (Map #72) all weekend.



What is Traipse and how can I get it?
Traipse is an app available through your app store on your smart phone. With Traipse, you can "take your brain for a walk." Traipse is providing an interactive festival map. This is a great activity to do when lines get long or if there is a lull in activities you wish to attend. For more information or help, visit the Traipse table near Norberta for information.  (Map # 60)


How Do I Earn House Points?

Mind your wands, wizards - maybe someone will notice! House Points are awarded by QCMM Officials as they see fit throughout the festival. Recipients will receive a colored pony bead. House Points can be added to the tally tubs at the Information table near Norberta (Map # 38). We will also award points by house for each person who gets sorted, signs up for our email list, to the houses who win at our Quidditch matches, for those who complete the card-collecting and Traipse challenges and for each person who registers (by house) at the Firebolt 5K. Note: house points may be earned, but NOT requested!


Where is sorting taking place?  

We have secured very eager sorters this year! Boy Scout Troop 73 is offering two sorting areas near the MBU Stage at Sunspots Pavilion with fun house-themed giveaways. Mr. & Mrs. Weasley will be there to welcome new students to Hogwarts as well! (Map # 84).


Where can I get Feast Tickets?

Sadly, we had to skip the feast this year. We hope to find a suitable venue and host the feast again next year.

Where can I get water?  

Our Aguamente Filling Station (provided by Sutton's Home Inspections) will be located behind Suntrust Bank (Map # 59). Please bring your own bottle! There will be QCMM bottles available at the merchandise tent and at the sorting station.


Where can I charge my phone?  

A charging station is being sponsored by Hammond Insurance (Map # 36) and Staples.


Is there free WiFi?  

Our local fiber internet company, Lingo Networks has fortified the WiFi at the corner of Beverley and Augusta near our mascot, Norberta (Map # 38) and at the corner of Beverley and Market (Map #3). Several businesses also offer free WiFi. Ask when you go in somewhere to sit for a spell.


How can so much of QCMM be FREE!?!  What is this magic?

This is not an easy question to answer. Please see the Magic Makers ad in your Magical Map for a list of local businesses, organizations and individuals that make this weekend possible every year. Support these businesses and thank them when you visit. An enormous thank you goes to the City of Staunton for their help all year in planning and helping us execute this fun weekend. Staunton City Police, Fire Fighters, Public Works & Parks and Rec employees are THE BEST! We have an army of volunteers that work all year to give our magic-enthused visitors the best weekend of their year. There is more than just a little bit of magic involved--some of which is brought by you! Thanks for being ideal visitors to our town. If you would like to contribute, you can donate your time via the volunteer form on this website or your Knuts, Sickles, or Galleons in one of the collection cauldrons at QCMM.